Let's Irrationally Obsess Over This Transit System Map of Westeros


You can make all the jokes you want about nerds who overly fixate on their fandom of choice, but every once in awhile, the fans pull out an epic win that none of us can ignore.

That’s sort of the case with this insanely perfect transit map of Westeros. Graphic designer Michael Tyznik, (who according to Mashable is a frequent designer of transportation maps) designed these intricate maps following a boyfriend’s request. Oh my GOD.

Tyznik created a series of maps inspired by A Song of Fire and Ice and Game of Thrones that would transport you across Westeros and Essos on an imaginary railway.
From Kings Landing to Winterfell, every city is geographically outlined in its place, according to the books and official maps. The map is also littered with references from the series, including stations being closed for repair in Harrentown and along the Wall Line.

Yeah but what he doesn’t mention as it at every stop, you could could pretty much wind up decapitated if you make the wrong “transfer” aka political alliance. Also, if there were an actual public transportation system in Westeros, my guess is it would involve Littlefinger, a lot of bribes and a few dead unsuspecting residents of Winterfell. But that’s still a WAY better option than riding a bus in Los Angeles.

If you want to blow off the rest of your work day to irrationally obsess and/or nitpick the rest of the maps, head over Tyznik’s website.

Image via Michael Tyznik

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