Let's Socially Distance From Shows About Social Distancing

Let's Socially Distance From Shows About Social Distancing

Jenji Kohan, the creator of Orange Is the New Black, is making a new anthology series titled Social Distance for Netflix, according to IndieWire.

In a statement released on Twitter, the show’s executive producers described the project as an attempt to “reflect a new bizarre, bewildering reality” that everyone has been living since the onset of covid-19. The series will be produced virtually, and the cast, which has not yet been announced, will film themselves while Kohan and her team produce from their respective homes. Their goal is to not only observe social distancing protocol but to highlight the “unique, personal, deeply human stories that illustrate how we are living apart, together.” I cannot think of anything I want to watch less, other than maybe a TV singalong.

Reflecting a bizarre reality is a lovely idea, in theory, and maybe when the world is on the other side of this pandemic Kohan can produce an Oscar-winning epic drama about these special times. But right now, there’s no indication of how long social distancing will continue (and no release date has been set for the show). People want to escape their homes, their kids, and their partners. Make more shows about the outdoors! And tell people what’s going on out there.

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