Lindsay Lohan Explains Why She Doesn't Wear a Bra on Her Show


Lindsay Lohan sat down with Andy Cohen on Thursday’s What What Happens Live to discuss her reality show, Rosie O’Donnell and of course those rumors that she was partying and drinking vodka at Coachella.

A few things to set the Lohan-record straight: Cohen asked her why she doesn’t wear a bra on her OWN network show Lindsay (gross, Andy); she said it was because she doesn’t “like them.” Fair enough. Cohen tried to get her to fess up to putting Cobie Smulders on blast, but Lohan is way to media savvy to take that bait. (On Lindsay, she said she was supposed to be cast in The Avengers, but lost the role to “an unknown.”)

Then, she took aim at O’Donnell, who called Mean Girl star’s reality show “a tragedy.” Lohan said other celebrities who make comments like that must be “bored.” OH SNAP GURL. As for those rumors about her at Coachella, in the above clip Lohan sort of denied ‘partying,’ saying she had the best time ever at the music festival while trying to keep a low profile.

So what are Lohan’s plans for the future? “I’m done with mugshots and I’m ready for an Oscar,” she told Cohen. He responded “Give her an Oscar for that!”

It’s also worth mentioning this interview included a clip from Life-Size. Because everything in the world should include a clip from Life-Size.

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