Live-In Mother-In-Law From Hell Is A Hoarder


After Becky was forced out of her 15-room mansion for defaulting on her mortgage, she had no other option but to move in with her son and his fiancée, Michelle, in their townhouse. Becky is a compulsive hoarder and her previous home — where she’d lived since she was a child — was over-packed with all of her things. She moved most of her possessions into 16 units at a storage facility and brought the rest with her to her son’s house, driving his finacée Michelle crazy with the clutter. Becky is in debt to the storage facility for over $20,000 and is being forced to get rid of her stuff and sell off her antiques just to pay her storage bill. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, as she refused to really part with anything, and took back most of the antiques from the auction house. By the end of the episode—after telling Michelle that she was going to shove a broken cauldron up her ass—Becky was no longer living with her son and his fiancée and was instead staying with distant relatives.

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