Lizzo’s List of Musical Royalty Tears the Internet Asunder

Doesn't everyone know that you can't just share music opinions on Twitter?

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Lizzo’s List of Musical Royalty Tears the Internet Asunder
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Hear ye, hear ye, her grace the grand duchess Lizzo hath, on the Lord’s day, declareth there be but one true royal family in the kingdom of pop music. Or for those of you that don’t get horned up for old English, Lizzo tweeted on Sunday her picks for the king, queen, prince, and princess of pop music and, as usual, the folks on Twitter vehemently disagreed.

As one who does not believe in absolute musical monarchy, this list seems pretty standard. (Even if Michael Jackson’s name induces a shiver these days.) But there seemed to be some heated debate over who should be crowned the true queen of pop, with many folks arguing that it should be Madonna. Others felt that Lizzo’s list didn’t cover enough genres and added their own list of royals for rap and a few extra pop princesses. The tweet that made the least amount of sense was from someone who wasted a crown on Troye Sivan and listed him as a prince of pop. On what planet?

All in all, what was made extremely clear was that people have different opinions on music. Isn’t that wild? Who would have thought? But I would hope that one thing we could all agree on as human beings is that Beyonce is in fact the empress of music.

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