Lonely Single Men Become Part Of An Involuntary Flash Mob


The “Forever Alone” flash mob was an idea that originally began circulating on Tumblr, Reddit, and 4chan in March 2011, but apparently there were quite a few single men who missed the tip.

The plan was to get as many people as possible to “create [a] fake online dating profile” posing as a “mildly cute woman from NYC” (using Facebook photos of random women to make it seen convincing) in order to lure “forever alone guys from NYC” out to Times Square, where they would fall in line with a crowd of other similarly “forever alone” men and it would all be captured on camera….for some reason.

What do you think, folks? Is this clever, cruel, or completely pointless?

I’m pretty positive that I know the answers, but I’ve been surprised before.

Forever Alone Involuntary Flash Mob [Buzzfeed]

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