Look at These Rad Young Ladies from Omaha Girls Rock Rockin' Out


I don’t know about you, but my summer camp experiences were pretty limited to being terrified of daddy long legs, vomitty sunburns and square dances. OK, the square dances were kind-of fun. But not as fun as Omaha Girls Rock.

Omaha Girls Rock is a non-profit camp that helps young ladies build confidence, self-reliance, and original thinking through the awesome act of music making. Badass lady mentor musicians offer a support system to encourage girls to cultivate DIY ethos and unbridled self-expression. Basically, they utilize mind-expanding music to mold rad little women.

We all know that music is important in girls’ lives, and yet their contributions are often readily dismissed in the world, even as adults. Women are accused of simply being the pretty faces in front of the male talent, and that image is hard to shake. Of course, it’s most often a crock full of bullshit — Thank you, Solange! — and giving ladies the skills to make music magic, Omaha Girls Rock is creating the next generation of female singer-songwriter-bassist-drummer-producer mega talents.

According to Omaha Girls Rock organizer Val Nelson, over sixty-percent of the campers have never even held the instrument in their hand that they end up playing in front of hundreds of people at the end of the week. This is done through instruction and constant positive reinforcement. Girls walk away saying (through exit surveys) that they feel like they can “accomplish anything”.

In conclusion: This is the best, and I love it. Rock on, ladies!

[Omaha Girls Rock]

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