Looking for a Mushroom to Poison Your Husband? This Book Is for You!


A recent cookbook from an Instagram-famous mushroom forager and cook was pulled from its publisher for being potentially dangerous.

Johnna Holmgren runs a blog called Fox Meets Bear, a whimsical rundown of earthy shit, flower crown DIYs, and tips on mushroom picking. Holmgren leveraged her fame into a deal to publish her recent cookbook Tales from a Forager’s Kitchen, but once critics got their hands on it, Buzzfeed News pointed out that some of the recipes in Holmgren included weren’t safe—including those that called for eating raw mushrooms, which can lead to nausea and vomiting.

Holmgren defended the recipes to the outlet by saying the recipes are for “adventurous eaters,” but this week her book was officially pulled by its publisher Rodale, Grub Street reports. The publisher is offering refunds to customers and is asking retailers to “return their stock.” “I am devastated by the quick collapse of my cookbook project that was so incredibly intertwined with my heart,” Holmgren wrote in an Instagram post. “I can say that the way this unfolded, has hurt more than I can articulate.”

But, hey, if you’re the kind of gal looking to make your loved one sick to their stomach with poisonous mushrooms so you can, oh I don’t know, nurse them back to health again, perhaps you might want to pick this one up before it gets taken off shelves?

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