Angelenos Shut Down Freeway for Trayvon Martin Protest [Updates]


Manhattan is a sea of hoodies right now in support of Trayvon Martin, and people attending vigils and protests in Los Angeles took to Interstate 10 until police reportedly began firing bean bags and rubber bullets into the crowd.

Cops are currently on the scene in riot gear, but a source at the scene tells us that things are calm and peaceful at the moment.

You can watch live video on NBC 10 below.

And Jasmyne Cannick is reporting from the front lines:

Update 9:15pm PT: A source at Hollywood and Vine reports that he can’t see protesters from his building, but that he can hear them chanting. Along the same lines, Hugo Schwyzer reports that it’s clearing out at Crenshaw/Coliseum, and people are talking about moving toward Hollywood now. Everything remains peaceful.

Update 9:20pm PT: Hugo reports that protesters are taking back to Crenshaw/Coliseum area and that police told him to “scram”.

Update 9:25pm PT: Hugo reports: “Sheriff tactical team masses at Exposition and Crenshaw.” 50 people moving north on Crenshaw in street.

Meanwhile, at Times Square in NYC:

Footage from the protesters on Crenshaw in Los Angeles at approximately 9:30pm PST:

Update 9:45pm PT: According to Karldotcom: Protesters now coming north on Orange toward Hollywood Blvd. Metro Expo Line suspended between Western and Farmdale.

Police talking to crowd at Crenshaw and Adams:

Update 9:57pm PT: Source on ground reports seeing drone(s?) over Crenshaw at Adams. Still reporting that it’s a relatively calm and peaceful scene from the protesters.

Update 10pm PT: From Hugo Schwyzer:And we are moving north now on Crenshaw crossing Adams. LAPD falling back. Multiracial crowd around 500″

Update 10:05pm PT: According to source nearby, the protest at Hollywood and Orange has picked up. Peaceful from protesters.

Listen to the LAPD scanner, if you’d like.

Hollywood Blvd. shut down at Highland to traffic. Tons of police and a helicopter. Crowd remains peaceful.

Update 10:30pm PT: Appears Crenshaw/Adams crowd is thinning, and people are possibly dispersing to Hollywood/Highland. Source OTS says it’s extremely crowded but mainly calm. Hollywood Bowl just let out a show so the traffic is insanity.

Update 10:38pm PT: Crenshaw onramp onto 10 E open.

Update 11:15pm PT: The Hollywood protest is about 700 people deep — just crossed Vine. Hugo reports that Dancers at Showgirls strip club came out to chant support. Hell yeah.

Update 12:15pm PT: Protesters remain calm, police agree to open air meeting next week.

[NBC Los Angeles]

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