Mad Genius Tara Reid Is Selling a Perfume Called 'Shark by Tara Reid'


Tara Reid, star of the acclaimed films Sharknado and Sharknado 2 is the latest celebrity to jump into the perfume business, with a scent named “Shark.”

Yes, movie star and amateur scientist person Tara Reid has ingeniously bottled a perfume and dubbed it “Shark.” That was the title settled on after her marketing team nixxed “Pie,” “Lebowski” and “Please Forget That I Made Taradise.” If you were expecting a perfume that smells like spray on tan and hangover sweat, think again. Here is the description of the perfume. (If this is a hoax, I love whoever came up with this beautiful madness.)

Shark by Tara is a light and refreshing perfume perfect for day-to-day wear. It also incorporates a plethora of “lavender” colored flowers, which is Tara’s favorite color, making them a true fit for Shark by Tara.
Shark by Tara perfume is a complex scent with three different levels of nodes that embrace our fresh, light, and fun feel. Our top-level node is clad with iced mint, violet and lemon, while our middle node is complete with jasmine, tuberoseand muguet. The last dry node is cool blue rose, amber and musk.

I tried to purchase a bottle of this perfume. (Hey, I like violet and jasmine and my boyfriend has a weird fixation with shark-themed objects. For $24.95, I’m getting a deal.) However, when I went to finalize the purchase, my computer kicked me out of the website. My computer is now judging me for my taste in celebrity fragrances. “OH HONEY NO. YOU DO NOT GIVE TARA REID YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE. PUT DOWN THE DRINK. WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?”

If I ever do get my hands on a bottle of this perfume, I promise to tell you all about it.

Images via Getty and Tara Reid.

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