Made in Senegal: Classic American Film Images Reimagined


Here’s some striking screen stills from classic Hollywood films re-imagined by an artist and photographer in Senegal. I love Thelma and Louise, and I definitely want to see this reboot.

Senegalese artist Omar Victor Diop and French-American photographer Antoine Tempé put together the series, called “Onomollywood,” as part “Hollywood homage, part sociological experiment.”:

[T]he product of 33-year-old amateur photographer Diop, who only recently entered into the arts and culture scene of Senegal. He, along with performing arts expert Tempé, harken back to the childhood act of impersonating iconic movie moments, illustrating the far-reaching influence of the more universal art form known as film.

Very cool. It should be only a matter of years before Hollywood steals the idea and does a remake of the reboot of the remake’s reboot XXIV in IMAX 3D.

[Onomollywood, via Huffington Post]

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