Madonna’s Fans Are Suing Her (Again)

Three more fans are suing the pop icon for being tardy to her own Celebration Tour.

Madonna’s Fans Are Suing Her (Again)

The late starts on Madonna’s Celebration Tour continue and thus, so have the class action lawsuits from the pop icon’s deservedly pissed-off fans.

On Friday, three of Madonna’s disciples—Elizabeth Halper-Asefi, Mary Conoboy, and Nestor Monte, Jr.—filed a class action complaint claiming they were deceived when purchasing tickets and that the D.C. shows’ conditions (from start time to the Capital One arena’s temperature) were so bad they had no choice but to leave the concerts before they finished on December 18 and 19. Madonna, they allege in the suit, didn’t start the show until well after 10 p.m., two hours later than advertised, both nights.

“Forcing consumers to wait hours for her performance in a hot, uncomfortable arena is demonstrative of Madonna’s arrogance and total disrespect for her fans,” the fans’ attorney, David Greenbaum, wrote. “In essence, Madonna and Live Nation are a consumer’s worst nightmare.”

“This complaint is not about unhappy fans who don’t want to stay up late, but instead, reasonable, responsible people who had commitments to babysitters, work, getting their vehicles out of parking lots that closed at 12:00 midnight, and realizing that public transportation would no longer be operating,” the suit continues. Of course, this isn’t the only class action filing against the notoriously late singer.

In January, two other attendees filed a class-action lawsuit against the singer for—once again—taking the stage two hours later than advertised. In the filing, Michael Fellows and Jonathan Hadden claim Madonna’s “flippant difficulty” caused them to suffer a series of inconveniences in the wee hours of the morning that included being “confronted with limited public transportation, limited ride-sharing, and/or increased public and private transportation costs at that late hour.”

The concerts at the center of the controversial suit occurred on December 13, 14, and 16 (a Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday) at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center—all of which were publicized as beginning at 8:30 p.m. Fellows and Hadden’s suit accuses Madonna of false advertising and negligent misrepresentation as she didn’t start the show until after 10:30 p.m. on all three nights.

Now, we all know Madonna has been through a lot recently. After she was found unresponsive in July 2023 following “a serious bacterial infection which led to a several-day stay in the ICU,” the tour was postponed so technically, it’s a wonder it’s happening at all. However, when numerous fans are suing you…perhaps it’s time for a break. Or a watch.

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