Magic Johnson's Gay Son Is the Most Fabulous Gay Son of All Time


Is it offensive to call gay people “fabulous”? I’m asking that sincerely—I don’t want to contribute to any social pressure or perpetuate any damaging stereotypes about gay people being fabulous or not being fabulous. But when a person—gay or straight or in between or neither!—just really intensely preternaturally exudes fabulousness, then surely it’s okay to call that person fabulous, right? Even if they happen to also be a gay person? Like, at that point isn’t it just science?

The reason I bring this up is that Magic Johnson’s 20-year-old son, Earvin Johnson III (or EJ3!!!!!), “stepped out” with his boyfriend and very graciously allowed himself to be badgered by TMZ about the newly remodeled bathrooms at Dodger Stadium:

Uh, I’m sure they’ll be fabulous bathrooms. [Hundred-yard stare of doom.]

The fur, the bag, the glasses, the rings, the teeth-gritted sweetness with which he answers a bunch of dumb questions about baseball toilets before striding off into the night with an “Andre-Leon-Tallyho!”—that is one charming, fabulous young man.

Earvin Johnson III — aka EJ — is one of Magic’s 3 kids. The Lakers legend tells TMZ, “Cookie and I love EJ and support him in every way.” Magic goes on, “We’re very proud of him.”
The feeling is mutual … ’cause EJ told us he’s been “hoping and praying” for his dad’s team, the Los Angeles Dodgers, ever since Magic and his business partners took over the franchise.
He’s also a huge Lakers fan … obviously.
EJ — who’s a student at NYU — has a close relationship with his parents. Back in August, Magic tweeted, “Thx to my son EJ for hosting me at NYU. Look forward to taking him to dinner tonight in the city.”

I’m extremely pleased with this entire situation. Also, EJ3, if you ever wanted to hang out I would totally drink a 5-Hour Energy, stay up past 10, and risk getting a run in my best Spanx-tights. I’d even skip an SVU marathon. Let’s do this.

Magic Johnson’s Son Goes Public With Boyfriend — Dad Proud
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