Mamas, Don't Let Your Sons Grow Up to Have Style Blogs


This is a five-year-old boy with a style blog. And yes, he’s more stylish than you’ll ever be. And no, his name isn’t Quinoa, and he’s not imaginary.

We’ve already explored the idea of children living out their parents fantasies in over-priced, mainly inappropiate (admittedly sometimes very adorable) clothing, but tiny fashion tot Alonso Mateo takes the cake.

The Laguna Beach resident was sired by a mother who has contributed to Harper’s Bazaar Mexico and Latin America and a father who is the owner and CEO of a private equity firm. Which, I suppose, is the perfect storm when creating the world’s most fashionable child.

Each morning before school, mom and son head to his personal walk-in closet, where one wall is dedicated to shoes. He’ll tell her which pants and shoes he wants, and then he might choose a T-shirt. “I’ll say that’s a summer tee and we’re in winter,” she explains. “I’ll help him coordinate outfits so that they make sense, but mostly it’s him.” When they leave the house, fans might ask to take his picture. But like most young kids, even those dressed less ostentatiously, she says her boy can be a bit shy: “Sometimes he’ll turn down a fan and say he’s too tired.”

Turn them down now if you want, Mateo, but soon you’ll be just like Sally Fields in Soap Dish, all going to the mall and making Whoopi Goldberg beg for your autograph. Fame is fleeting.

If you want to get lil’ Mateo’s look, you’re gonna have to head to some of his personal fave stores (and also: Be very, very wealthy):

Kitson Kids, Dior, Gucci (“for leather jackets”), Stella McCartney, Bon Point (“French couture for kids”), Nordstrom, H&M (“for amazing basics”), Little Marc Jacobs (“amazing”), Dolce & Gabbana (“great”), and even Target. “As long as it’s nice quality, I’ll take it,” she says.

Words to live by.

[NY Mag]

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