Mariah Carey, Unfazed by Nick Cannon’s Desperation, Had a 23-Hour Date with Bryan Tanaka

Earlier this week, Cannon released a song about how he screwed up his relationship with Carey. She does not appear to care.

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Mariah Carey, Unfazed by Nick Cannon’s Desperation, Had a 23-Hour Date with Bryan Tanaka
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In this week’s version of, Are The Men Okay?, Nick Cannon took a break from impregnating random women on Instagram to release a song that clearly talks about how obsessed he still is with his ex, Mariah Carey.

On Valentine’s Day, Cannon claimed on his show that he dropped the song—which is bleakly titled “Alone” — “for all of the people out there who are alone on Valentine’s Day,” and he admitted it samples one of his (and our) favorite Carey songs, “Love Takes Time.” The song features actual lyrics like “Imma keep my distance, stay in my lane / Cause I know you got a man, it’s a little too late,” and “I’d been lyin’ / I say I’m cool when I know I miss it / I’d trade it all for the case / If I could have you back / If I could go back to where we started at.”

Cannon alleges that despite the lyrics, he’s actually not trying to get back together with Carey, because that’s “impossible,” but that he finds songwriting cathartic and is “taking ownership” of the mistakes he made when he and Carey were together.

“I had probably the greatest situation with my dream girl and I messed it up,” explained the former Wild N Out host. “To be honest and vulnerable… the song was not really about trying to get her back. It was taking ownership of what I did as a man and owning my flaws and expressing it through song.”

I can only imagine that Carey, with whom Cannon shares two children, has either just completely ignored this wild move or texted Cannon to be like, “Oh honey.” Either way, amid Cannon going on this deeply chaotic journey of self-reflection, Carey publicly seems to be unbothered. Having spent Valentine’s Day with her longtime beau Bryan Tanaka, the Queen of Christmas shared a snapshot on Tuesday captioned: “Valentine’s marathon continues. Hour 23!” Glowing beside Tanaka, wearing diamonds, and rocking what appears to be a silky red slip, Carey looks like she’s doing just fine sans Cannon.

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