Marie Kondo Claims She's Not Perfect, Which Is of Course Not True

Marie Kondo Claims She's Not Perfect, Which Is of Course Not True
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Marie Kondo might be an organizational whiz whose engaging Netflix program cost me nearly all my kitchen utensils, but that doesn’t mean she’s perfect! At least that’s what she says, though I am certain she is more perfect than me, a person currently using a Nickelodeon beach towel as a curtain. In fairness, the bar is…quite low.

Kondo spoke with Better Homes and Gardens for their September 2019 issue, and dropped the following bombshell claim through an interpreter (People has some of the interview):

“To be honest, my situation has changed since I was single,” the married mother of two told BHG, speaking through an interpreter. “I’ve let go of needing to maintain a perfect home all the time.”

Now that she has kids and a husband running around, it seems Kondo no longer has much time to devote to tossing all the non joy-sparking crap in her house:

“Being pressed for time is common for all of us,” she tells BHG. “You just have to accept the fact that you don’t have a lot of time and that it’s OK.”

I genuinely believe Kondo when she says her house is more disorganized than it was when she was single, but I am certain this is because her erstwhile bachelorette pad was so spotless that she now considers one tasteful blouse folded into uneven thirds a right mess. There is only one way to be sure, of course: Marie, please let me into your home to confirm it is perfect, then come into mine and fix my entire life. It’s only fair.

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