Matt Damon Gets Revenge, Takes Over Jimmy Kimmel Live


It’s been a long running gag for Jimmy Kimmel to end his show by bumping A-list actor/very important person Matt Damon, always saying “Apologies to Matt Damon, we’ve run out of time,” but no more. Sick of showing up to the show only to sit and wait in the greenroom all night, Damon finally got his revenge last night by taking over the whole program, replacing Guillermo with Andy Garcia, the bandleader with Sheryl Crowe and booking a multitude of celebrity guests and cameos (including Oprah, Ben Affleck, Robert DeNiro, Robin Williams, Emily Blunt and more). He even got Kimmel’s ex Sarah Silverman to show up and talk some shit, all while the real host was bound and gagged in earshot. Sorry, Jimmy — it looks like you’re out of time.

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