Mattel Spoils Ken & Barbie Reunion "Surprise"


Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Mattel has announced the results of Ken’s creepy online campaign to win back Barbie’s love: She said yes! In a statement to USA Today, Barbie declared, “Ken and I were made for each other. Our love is grander than any dream house.”

Since their shared love of crass commercialism brought them back together, it’s fitting that the dolls are celebrating by releasing a limited edition “Together Again” gift set. However, there’s something off about their plastic passion playset. Though the pubic was told that they could vote online about whether or not the dolls should reunite for V Day, the gift set started appearing in stores in December according to At the time customers must have been puzzled about what proposal Barbie was accepting. Now we know the shocking truth: She “said yes” to another cheap scam to sell dolls.

Ken And Barbie: We’re Back Together! [USA Today]
She Said Yes™ Barbie® and Ken® Giftset – They’re “Together Again” []

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