Meet Jersey Shore's Original Guido


On last night’s special pre-VMAs episode, Vinny’s relatives came to visit—shortly after he and Angelina had relations—including his uncle Nino, who seems like he stepped right of Rodney Dangerfield’s role in Easy Money (even quoting the film).

Easy Money actually takes place in Staten Island, where Nino is from. Or is he originally from Italy? It’s hard to tell, by the way he talks, if he’s foreign or just drunk. What’s not hard to tell is that he would like to smoosh with JWoww—this can be clearly understood through his grunts and leers. Meanwhile, there’s residual tension between Snooki and Angelina, due to Angelina sleeping around in Miami. I can understand why Snooki is mad. Angelina was super judgmental and a super bitch toward Snooki the second day of filming the first season of the show because Snooki had gotten a little wild in the hot tub with the other guys. But now that Angelina has fucked three of the four male roommates, she seems, as The Situation put it, to be a “hypocritical whore.” All of this came to a head in the hot tub while everyone in the hot tub with Uncle Nino, and Angelina hit Snooki in the face with a beach ball. Snooki, taking the high road, decided that murder wouldn’t be appropriate in front of family members.

Still, she managed to get her revenge in a small way, by contemplating, on national television, the largeness of Angelina’s vagina, as it was able to accommodate Vinny’s forearm of a penis.

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