Meet Jezebel's Pets and Their Celebrity Lookalikes!


In the back of every issue of In Touch, you’ll find a feature called Double Creature in which the magazine publishes a photo of reader’s pet alongside the photo of its celebrity lookalike. Sometimes they work. Sometimes they don’t. But despite its hit-or-miss nature, Double Creature is an essential part of the weekly tabloid cycle—so we decided to post some of our own!

Below you’ll find a few of Jezebel’s pets and the famous faces they resemble. See if you can spot the difference!


Watch out, world – Kelly’s cat is a regular Charles Bronson. Don’t make him mad!


Is it just me, or does Ellie’s cat need a remedy? Yep, it could be twins with Jason Mraz!


Looks like Darth Vader didn’t just (spoiler alert!) father Luke and Leia. When Clover plays with her cat, she uses the force!


More like Orange is the New Cat! This feline looks exactly like the wonderfully talented Samira Wiley!


Doesn’t she remind you of that little girl from Inside Out? Really makes you wish that movie had a “hungover” emotion!


Is it hot in here or is it just the catnip? Erin’s cat has Kate Upton’s distant gaze and hourglass figure, and would be purr-fect on the cover of Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue!


These two cats are clearly best buds. And at first glance, they look just like Matt Damon and Ben Affleck—the most famous best buds in Hollywood!


Mark’s rabbit is a winner – just like Mary Louise Streep! I wonder when she’ll get her next Oscar nomination!

Look at Mark’s two guinea pigs fighting over lettuce! Can’t you imagine Dermot Mulroney and Dylan McDermott fighting over lettuce?


With its effortless class and beauty, this cat is the spitting image of Ms. Allison Janney.

Who’s your pet’s celebrity doppleganger?

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Images via Getty/screengrab.

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