Melissa Gorga Can't Believe Anyone Would Think Her Book Advocates Rape

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Real Housewife turned great American author Melissa Gorga thinks it’s just “disgusting” that some people think her new book is promoting marital rape. Marital rape is just, like, subtext. Why don’t you learn some reading comprehension, internet? Melissa Gorga has nothing but contempt for your dismal SAT scores.

Gorga told whomever was still listening to her by Friday evening that her book doesn’t even a little bit contain insinuations, intimations, or promotions of marital rape:

I don’t know how anyone can… My book is about mutual respect with your partner, for one another. It’s about honesty, it’s about loyalty, it’s about making your partner first in your life. Where that word comes into play, to me, is awful and disgusting, to be honest with you.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is the deft hand of the master writer at work. Gorga just flipped all that outrage right around on her critics., and I’m sure no one will be able to retort now that the word “rape” has been placed out of bounds as things one can accuse Gorga of writing about. [E!]

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Image via AP, Omar Vega

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