Men Prefer That Ladies Control The Sexytime Schedule


What are the types of women men purportedly fall for? The answer is a bit disappointing.

I had visions of some list of types, like “The poet, the physician, the farmer, the scientist, the magician”. (okay, that’s “Atlantis,” but even so). But on her list of the 9 types of women fall for, matchmaker Samantha Daniels relies on archetypes that are much less specific.

The 9 types are, apparently:

  • Women who are special and different
  • Women men are afraid to lose
  • Women with self-respect
  • Women who like themselves
  • “Women who pick “the right time” to have sex. When is the right time? It can be any time, but it should be a time when you know deep down that it’s right and that he agrees. When a man likes you, he will not be looking to “lay” you; he will be looking to make love to you.”
  • Someone presentable and not a drunk
  • Women who don’t “make his life harder.”
  • Partners who help guys with stuff
  • Women who keep it interesting

Leaving aside that 1 and 9 are basically the same thing and we have no idea what the sex one means, she basically just means…a reasonable person. Which, while that’s what we (usually) want in a friend, isn’t strictly true. Some people of both sexes love neurotic basket-cases, and the world would be a far less rich and populous place if they did not.

I like that the list emphasizes self-respect and liking oneself (even if they are stretched into two arbitrarily distinct criteria.) But, while these are for the most part far healthier than some Rules-style “wear pink/hang up after 30 seconds/be randomly abusive” list of directives, at the same time they’re pretty hard to acquire, and hence, while reassuring, not especially helpful.

I was interested to see what the reaction of the dudes over at the Good Men Project would be, and thought that one (presumably make) reader over there made a good point. “These kind of one-sided “what do I demand from you” lists are always pretty suspect, though. Actual relationships involve a lot more compromise and exchange.” That, and everyone’s crazy sometimes. Plus, as we know from that other matchmaker of record, Patti Stanger, the theoretical lists are all very well: the guys never stick to them at the end of the day — and that’s why they’re seeing the yentas in the first place.

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