Men Traumatized By Brazilian Body Waxes


On the season finale of the Amazing Race, the teams flew to Brazil to take part in local traditions such as asking women to change bikinis in public and getting full-body waxes. There were four teams left at this point in the competition, but none as hairy as Zev and Justin. The best friend pair from California looked horrified when they discovered their fate: Tiny women with big jars of wax.

Now I’m all for a little revenge primping to give men a taste of what most women go through on a regular basis, but this didn’t really qualify as they were rocking Robin- Williams-level chest hair that looked seriously painful to remove. On the other hand, judging by Justin’s screams one would have thought they were in that scene in Alias in which an evil scientist pulls out Jennifer Garner’s teeth one by one. After the obligatory 40-Year-Old Virgin joke things went down hill fast until Justin threatened to punch his waxer in the face. Luckily she came out unscathed and the boys came out with some interesting hair patterns.

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