Mexican Lawyer Breaks Record for Biggest Harry Potter Collection

Meet Asher Silva Vargas, a Mexico City lawyer who loves Harry Potter just a little bit more than anyone else in the universe, possibly even more than J.K. Rowling. Don’t think that’s true? His collection of Harry Potter memorabilia will tell you otherwise.

Vargas, who uses the Harry Potter books and films as a form of escape, has amasses over 3,000 pieces of Harry Potter memorabilia. This brings to mind two questions: 1) How much money did that all cost? 2) Who knew there were that many pieces of Harry Potter miscellanea out there? I own approximately 15 Harry Potter-themed items (because I count every doll in my Hogwarts Paper Theater Playset as an item) and I already think that might be too much, but Vargas has a whole houseful of Harry Potter wands, posters and probably at least one dementor costume that he uses to scare people with. I’m just spitballing here. I don’t even know if dementor costumes exist, because to be real, they would be too terrifying for words. (Please do not post links.)

Now that Vargas has brought his engorgiod collection to light, the Guinness Book of World Records has unceremoniously unseated the previous title-holder for most extensive collection (only 807 pieces) and crowned Vargas the man with the biggest wand. (I recognize that’s a penis joke, but I also think it’s possible that he does have a giant wand somewhere. It is probably custom-made and comes from Etsy.) (Wait, does Etsy count or do all of these things have to be official? What are the rules? Why are we living in such chaotic times?)

Vargas is very proud of his new title, especially because it has taken him over 15 years to complete his collection of magical marvels. And, according to him, he never really meant for it to get this big. I feel you, man, that’s what happens with the dishes at my house. One day I forget to wash them and a week later I am wrapping aluminum foil around bowls and utensils because I did not expect my collection of dirty dinnerware to get so humongous. I wonder if there’s a record for “most dirty dishes in a sink” or “most loneliness felt at one time by a single person.” Who am I kidding? I bet someone already has those titles, too.

Image via AP

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