Michael Jackson Felt His Children Were 'Living Like Vagabonds'

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New testimony in the Michael Jackson wrongful death trial reveals that Jackson was unable to afford a house for his family in his final years, and lamented that they were “living like vagabonds.”

Randy Phillips, on the witness stand for a sixth day in the wrongful death trial, recounted an emotional Halloween meeting with the pop star at a Bel Air, Calif., hotel, where the legendary King of Pop told him “they were living like vagabonds.”
“He actually broke down and I broke down — we both broke down,” Phillips said.
“He got emotional. He teared up about his family and having a good life with them and a place to live and a residence they could call their own.”

Lordy, the contagious melancholy of Michael Jackson is still too much to take, and he’s not even around anymore. [Radar]

God I love it when Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson does stuff. Anything. All the stuff. Does he have some secret horrible conservative underbelly I should be aware of? I really can’t keep track of every celebrity’s shitty parts. Anyway, here he is talking to some inmates at a prison:

He captioned the pic, “I was arrested multiple x’s as a teen (fighting/stupid sh-t) Said if I can make it, so can you,” he said. “Stay strong #LockUp.”
Back in 2010, Johnson told Metro that he had been arrested eight or nine times in his teen years.
“I got in trouble a lot when I was younger. By the time I was 16, I had been arrested eight or nine times for a variety of things, terrible things that I shouldn’t have been doing.”
“Much later in life, once I got out of college, I started to understand the power of seeing your potential and what that means.”

I like The Rock the person almost as much as I like The Rock the movie, which is the most. [E!]

Here is Steven Tyler talking about falling all over the place because of drugs, but also how drugs are kind of great.

“Drugs took me down,” he admitted. “Yes, it got us through the ’70s, if it wasn’t for Peruvian marching powder, we wouldn’t have been able to do what we did. From the ’70s to 79, we played every state except Alaska and Hawaii.”
Stern subsequently pressed Steven for more, asking whether drugs got him through those tough years on tour, and the rocker responded without any hesitation, “I know it did,” he confessed.
As for Tyler’s American Idol gig? The 65-year-old music legend said he wasn’t a fan of the format and adopted a “gentle” judging approach because he “couldn’t imagine telling some girl or J.Lo telling some girl she sucks and she can’t sing so for the rest of her life she’s not singing.”
So then why did he sign up for the singing competition? Well, it all goes back to his 2009 collapse.
“I took it because I was pissed off at the band. I fell offstage and nobody called me and I was also on drugs, so I held the grudge,” he admitted before adding, “You know those guys suck, but I love ‘em to f—king death.”

It’s always so jarring when famous people say things that are honest. [E!]

  • Something about Danny Trejo. [Deadline]
  • Here is a Jay Cutler/Kristin Cavallari wedding photo. [TMZ]
  • Lindsay Lohan plans to attend the Venice Film Festival when she gets out of rehab and probably a pigeon will poop on her. [E!]
  • The “mystery woman” belonging to Jason Segel (“Jason Segel’s mystery woman”) has been “identified.” She is an actress. [E!]
  • Harry Styles has George Michael-inspired ankle tattoos. [E!]
  • Rachel Uchitel‘s husband claims she subjected him to “cruel and inhumane treatment.” [E!]
  • Here is Scarlett Johansson kissing Chris Evans. [E!]
  • Reese Witherspoon went shopping. [JustJared]
  • Transformers 4 caught on fire and Michael Bay and Mark Wahlberg had to be evacuated. Dude, you have like 19 sentient fire trucks in the cast. This shouldn’t happen. [E!]
  • This gives me all the teen feelings.

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