Michelle Obama Says What We Already Knew: 'Women Are Smarter Than Men'


At a public event on Wednesday, Michelle Obama said that women’s rights issues must take priority above any other major world problems before adding, “Women are smarter than men,” an insight that was met with a chorus of misandrous cackles.

Speaking at the African Leaders Spousal Summit in Washington, Obama was urging the spouses of African leaders to help in the fight for women’s rights around the world.

“We can’t waste this spotlight because time is short and change is needed. And women are smarter than men.”

Being the feminist hero she is, Obama was bold enough to insist that women’s rights should be addressed before other big global issues like climate change or disease.

“Men, leaders, women, until we value women and girls, we won’t tackle those other problems. Until we prioritize our girls and understand that they are important and that their education is as important as the education of our sons, then we will have lots of work to do.”

She added, “You have to change attitudes before you can change behaviors.”

It was a sentiment Obama echoed yesterday in an open letter she penned to American girls in Seventeen magazine.

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