Migrant Woman Says Federal Agents Took Away Her Infant Daughter at the Border While She Was Breastfeeding 


An upsetting, enraging, just galling immigration story was reported from McAllen, Texas on Wednesday.

According to CNN, an undocumented immigrant woman from Honduras told an attorney on Tuesday that federal agents took her infant daughter from her while the child was breastfeeding. Mother and child were in a detention center awaiting prosecution for crossing the United States border when the alleged incident occurred.

There’s really nothing about this particular news item that isn’t disguising and heartbreaking. Natalia Cornelio, the attorney with the Texas Civil Rights Project who interviewed the anonymous woman, says the woman told her that when she tried to resist having her child snatched from her, officials placed her in handcuffs.

A Center for Border Control official told The Cut that the migrant woman’s allegations are “unsubstantiated” and “nothing could be further from the truth.” The official added, “Those who enter the country will be prosecuted in accordance with the Department of Justice zero-tolerance policy.” So I guess they’re going with these three totally different answers for the time being.

Miguel Nogueras, an assistant federal public defender for the Southern District of Texas in McAllen, told CNN that since the Trump administration’s zero-tolerance policy toward undocumented migration was announced last month some 500 children have been separated from their asylum-seeking parents at the border. McClatchy reported on Tuesday that the Trump administration is now considering building detention centers in Texas that could imprison up to 5,000 unaccompanied migrant children.

For those who are able to participate, a series of protests of the Trump administration’s cruel, anti-immigrant policies and actions are taking place throughout the country tomorrow in what is being called the Families Belong Together rally.

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