Miley Covers The Beatles With The Flaming Lips And It's Kinda Perfect


Miley can’t stop, won’t stop doing covers and I can’t stop, won’t stop posting them. Especially when they’re actually good! For her latest cover, Miley joined forces with The Flaming Lips (and joined forces is a good way to describe it since they look like some kind of strange sex superheroes) to perform “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds”in Manchester.

The song may have been being recorded for a live album or DVD because Miley introduced the cover by saying she was going to do it three times and that the audience would have to pretend to love it all three times (OK, Y’all?). I’m a fan, Miley, but I would probably sit down quietly after the first time. Are there seats at Miley Cyrus concerts? Because I’m not going if I have to stand.

The song itself is done pretty well. It’s undeniable that Miley can sing, so while it’s a little loud and not a particularly nuanced performance, it’s still an enjoyable listen, although I don’t know if i would buy the DVD. And those are my complete feelings on Miley Cyrus live performances. You are welcome.

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