Mindy Kaling Explains The Ego Magic Of Twitter


The adorable Mindy Kaling sat down with David Letterman last night, and she talked about what she’s really famous for: not The Office, but her Twitter. This meant having to explain the unexplainable to An Old Person. High comedy!

Dave, whether he genuinely gets Twitter or not (let’s go with “not,” because that seems much more likely), was happy to play the clueless tech-troglodyte, but Mindy’s description of her million followers as “devoted fans who would do anything for me” probably put it in terms that he could comprehend. And people follow her, she explains, because she documents the minutiae of her life “in such a sexy awesome way.” Which is true (the awesome part, anyhow). As for why someone would even want to broadcast themselves on Twitter, Kaling basically hit the nail on the head: “It’s good for ego!”

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