Miss Teen USA 'Sextortionist' Is Going to Jail


After pleading guilty to computer hacking and extortion, the punk who tried to “sextort” nude pics from Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf and others has been sentenced to 18 months in prison. The webcams of the world are a little safer, though your case of the creeps probably persists.

The Daily Beast recaps that Jared James Abrahams wasn’t peddling revenge porn, or even hacking into inboxes and fishing out personal pics. No, he hijacked his victims’ laptop cameras and snapped photos, then demanded they show more or he’d release the pics. He honestly sounds like a total fucking nightmare:

Abrahams was menacing and pugnacious on Skype. According to FBI affidavits, he demanded one 14-year-old girl show “every part of you!” and warned a distraught 17-year-old victim, “I do NOT have a heart!”

Guess what: Neither does the FBI!

Abrahams was busted when he tried to pull his tricks on Wolf, a former high school classmate. She promptly called the cops.

Photo via Getty.

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