Mitt Romney Is the World's Greatest Grandpa. Seriously.


The fewer political things he does, the more likable Mitt Romney is. Case in point: his new gig blogging about being a curious, hiking adventure guy who takes his grandkids on educational vacations through the American West like he’s earning every particle of that WORLD’S BEST GRANDPA coffee mug he probably drinks lukewarm water out of every morning.

Yesterday, the former governor of Massachusetts and multiple-time Presidential candidate posted a travel diary of sorts on Medium. On it, he details a trip he took with his gigantic family all around America west of the continental divide. Imagine the Griswold family vacation, but minus all the pratfalls and sex jokes and disasters and plus like 25 matching little Romneys all curious about their country and shit. It’s gorgeous and I want in.

Romney writes,

The adventures were more than we had planned, with unexpected obstacles during our nine hour hike down the Subway trail of Zion National Park, a breathtaking descent to Mooney Falls in the Havasupai Reservation, and a very close encounter with a rattlesnake.
We came away more appreciative of the landscape God gave us, of the sacrifices of the pioneers, and of the comforts of air conditioning and home cooked meals!

Goddamn it, Romney. I bet you give the best hugs.

I was pretty hard on Mittens “Mittsdemeanor” Romney during the runup to the 2012 election, and I still wouldn’t have voted for him, but since losing the election, he’s really grown on me as a cool old guy. If Jimmy Carter is what happens when good people make bad Presidents, Romney is what happens when good people who just want to help get turned into bad candidates by a party run by insane people.

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