Mom Dives Under Out of Control Cab to Save Baby (and She Does!)


Here’s some heart-stopping footage of a cab slamming into a mom and her daughter as they cross the street. Miraculously, both escaped with minor scrapes and bruises.

Witnesses are saying the cab driver appear unconscious — unfortunately, the 68-year-old man, was pronounced dead at the hospital — when he sped into Alondra Gervacio and her eight-month-old daughter.

“I seen the lady with a stroller in that direction,” said witness Joshua Sarasua. “And last second, I see a stroller hit the air, thank God the baby was all right.”
“Really like terrified, screaming, not knowing what happened,” witness Tuck Santos said.

It’s amazing that both mom and daughter are alive and well. Everyday miracles, people!! (Or luck, but whatever — it’s still awesome.)


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