More Photoshop Weirdness For The Sex And The City Ladies


The stars of Sex And The City 2: Rise Of The Manolos are on the new cover of Entertainment Weekly and they look great! It’s just the arms that are kind of wonky. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Sarah Jessica Parker always seems proud of her notoriously muscular arms, and why shouldn’t she be? They’re what you get with hard work and zillions of hours of Pilates. But there’s something slightly… off about her arm here. Is it the lighting? Is it digital smoothing? Hard to say. But the sharp-edged line of Kim Cattrall’s dress against the fuzzy, grainy texture of the arm looks odd. Also, the line of Kim’s dress — from her waist up to her armpit — just looks illustrated and unreal. Oh, and doesn’t it appear as though Kim Cattrall only has one arm?

More weirdness here, especially since SJP’s arm on this side seems to have dissolved mid-forearm. The bunching of Kristin Davis’ dress is suspect. And is SJP’s elbow glowing?

A closer look. Perhaps the bizarre bunching of Kristin Davis’ dress can be explained by how tightly Cynthia Nixon is grabbing her.

What the hell is going on behind the X? There’s a dent (or indent) in Kristen’s side. If you try and trace the line of her dress from the shoulder to the waist, you’ll see there is a chunk of it (and her body?) missing.

Just a reminder: Here’s what these people actually look like!

This Week’s Cover: Inside Sex And The City 2 [Entertainment Weekly]

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