Mother Confesses After Remains of Babies Found in German Apartment


The remains of eight deceased babies were recently discovered by police in a Wallenfels, a town in northern Bavaria. The bodies, which were wrapped in either plastic or cloth, were found in a vacant apartment.

According to ABC News, an unnamed 45-year-old woman confessed to killing the infants after being arrested by police. Investigators are still trying to determine how the babies died and who their father, or fathers were. Autopsies had begun on Friday, but would take some time because the remains were in “poor condition,” reports CNN.

A neighbor was the first to discover the body of a newborn baby on Thursday afternoon and called police, who found six more corpses inside of the apartment. Since the bodies were extremely decomposed, an eighth baby was later realized to have been among the remains. The woman was detained on suspicion of seven counts of murder, but a 55-year-old male companion was released without charge.

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