Last-Minute Gifts for Mom That She Won’t Suspect Were Last-Minute

They gave you life; they gave you guidance; they gave you an exorbitant therapy bill. Where to get a (last-minute) gift for the woman who gave you everything?

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Buying a gift for your mom—whoever you consider the maternal figure in your life to be—is tough. Especially if you, like me, have a mother whose third favorite sentence in the English language is, “But I don’t need anything!” So if you’re still scrambling to think of something special for the person who’s raised, cheered, and guided you, then scramble no more.

Surely, you know how to buy flowers and I’ll bet you know where to pick up your mom’s favorite bottle of wine, so here’s a list of last-minute presents that’ll have them say, “Oh! I never even thought of this!” Tell your moms we love them.

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