'My Day With Leo' Is the Work of an Anonymous, DiCaprio-Loving Genius


Let’s get straight to the point: Some wit is carrying around cutouts of Leonardo DiCaprio, snapping pics at sights around New York City and documenting their rambles together on an Instagram account called “My Day With Leo.” It is brilliant.

This delight comes via Gothamist. The account started in January with just a photo of Leo cuddling a swan, but the nameless creator responsible for this work of art is now snapping photos with Leo from his early years, mostly around Manhattan, in places like Grand Central, Bryant Park and the reading room of the New York Public Library’s main branch. However, he/she has also captured the moment further afield, in Paris and, er, Poughkeepsie.

Meanwhile, a Russian theatre troupe apparently felt so bad after Leo lost for Best Actor that they’ve offered him a cast-iron Oscar made by a local company, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Anyway, enjoy (and there are many, many more over on Instagram):

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