My Eyes Have Seen the Glory of the Lord and It's Bad Bunny

My Eyes Have Seen the Glory of the Lord and It's Bad Bunny

Bad Bunny is a beautiful Puerto Rican man who makes beautiful Puerto Rican music, not just for other beautiful people, but for all people because he is loving and benevolent. Bad Bunny is so benevolent that he allowed Vogue Mexico to take his photograph alongside fellow Puerto Rican model, Joan Smalls, who by some stretch of the imagination chose to just pose and be a professional instead of mounting Bad Bunny and riding off into the sunset. (Smalls obviously possesses a strength mere mortals like myself cannot fathom.)

The cover photo of Bad Bunny and Smalls clutching each other is something that can only be described as divine perfection, made possible by the good Lord herself molding these two people with her own hands. The Dior sweater is also very nice if you’re into that sort of thing. The way Bad Bunny’s mouth parts, as if he’s about to say something life-changing, those giant glasses, the rings on his perfectly sized hands: is this what the pure, unconditional love of parenthood is supposed to feel like?


But Bad Bunny is more than just an incredibly good looking man who has refused all of my thirsty advances (llama me Benito), he’s the newly crowned king of reggaeton. His talent hasn’t gone unnoticed by the American music market, his sophomore album Yo Hago Lo Que Me Da La Gana, which boasts features from the greats like Daddy Yankee and Arcangel debuted at number two on Billboard. “Reggaeton became part of Latin culture,” Bad Bunny said in his Vogue interview, “and I think the main message is authenticity, and the fact that anyone can be how they want.” If he’s telling me I can be anyone I want then I am now his girlfriend. Case closed.

Read the full interview with Bad Bunny and Joan Smalls on Vogue Mexico.

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