My Values Voter Summit Photo Diary


Hey everyone, Joanna here. I wanted to give you guys a chance to see “my world,” or at least what it’s been for the past seven hours. Here are some of my favorite shots from today. Above, you can see where I’ve been spending all my time — that big brown building is the hotel! It’s so fun to be traveling for business (and a little bit of pleasure here and there, ha ha!).

Me with my press badge. Proudly “repping”

Feeling very welcomed.

Spotted a celeb! This guy is David Perkins, Tony Perkins’ son. Pretty cool.

Hillary Clinton’s head in a box. Don’t put her in any boxes though! Because of Feminism.

The lady at this booth said that Cosmopolitan was pornography but I’ve seen pornography before and it’s not really the same? But IDK.

This is where all the cameras sit. If I had a camera, it’s where I would sit too.

Water *for the press only.* We get as much water as we can drink! Pretty neat.

The main event. Wow.

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