Nancy Grace Is Going to Fix Injustice

Nancy Grace Is Going to Fix Injustice
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Murder TV just got baselessly outraged again! It’s been three long years since Nancy Grace regularly blessed our televisions with her crime yelling, but now she’s back. And this time, she’s going to fix our broken legal system once and for all.

Grace’s new Oxygen series is called Injustice, and unlike the standard true crime show, which typically traces a murder from the time investigators find a woman’s body in a river to the moment they arrest her husband or boyfriend, Grace’s new show promises to “expose wrongful accusations, botched investigations, suppressed evidence, unclear motives and unjust sentences,” according to Deadline. Don’t get it twisted, this show won’t address injustices in a system that disproportionately locks up black people at five times the rate of white people, it’s just going to poke around at cases that allow Grace to yell “Bombshell!” at the camera.

“Many cases may have been resolved in courts,” Grace says in the trailer, “but not resolved in my mind.” Well, let’s get working solving these puppies to Nancy Grace’s (and, by proxy, my mother’s) satisfaction, accusing and assuming all the way.

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