NBC Sports Guy Kills Elephant, Says If You Don't Like It You're Hitler


NBC Sports announcer and idiotic nutjob (more on that TK) Tony Markis recently shot an elephant in the head for a TV show. Why? Because guns! Because freedom! Because CONSTITUTION FOUNDING FATHERS IN GOD WE TRUST NEVER FORGET! In an interview that questioned his taste Markis compared his critics to Hitler and accused them of “animal racism.” Yeah, I don’t know, either.

Markis first got in hot water when he killed an elephant on NBC Sports’ Under Wild Skies and then celebrated with champagne. He later appeared on an NRA news show and said the following mouth poop:

The nice ones will come up and go, you shoot elephant? Why? And I said well, the short answer is because hungry people eat them and because I’m a hunter. You know, I’m not an elephant hunter. I’m a hunter. I hunt all things. And they go, well nobody should shoot an elephant. I said, why? And they go they’re so big and kind and gentle and smart and I said, okay, let me ask you a question. Should I be able to shoot birds? Well, I guess that’s okay. Ducks? Yeah. Pigeons? Oh, they’re flying rats, okay. Rabbits? Well rabbits are cute. But yea. Squirrels? That’s nothing but a rat with a tail — with a fuzzy tail. And I said, well deer eat all my mother’s roses in Long Island and I go— so I can shoot all of those, but not an elephant? No. Do you realize that if you subscribe to that philosophy you are committing a very unique form of animal racism?

It’s like gun people aren’t even trying to make sense anymore. Christ.

[Media Matters]

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