Nicki Minaj Reportedly Hasn't Paid Geoffrey Owens a Penny of That $25,000 She Pledged


According to a report by TMZ, Nicki Minaj has yet to pay actor Geoffrey Owens a penny of the $25,000 she pledged to donate after it was revealed that he worked part time at Trader Joe’s (which is not a bad or embarrassing thing, by the way). Not very Queen-like! (Or is it? I guess it might be, depending on the Queen.)

“Sources familiar with the situation tell us Minaj and her team have yet to even contact Geoffrey or his people, much less hand over the cash,” TMZ writes.

This is interesting! Not because Owens needs the money—he’s gone out of his way to say he’s absolutely fine, and the acting roles have been pouring in since the story went viral—but because celebrities should know they can’t say shit like, “I’m giving this other high-profile person $25,000,” on a radio show without expecting outlets like TMZ to see if that check has been written.

Per their source (whom I suspect looks a lot like Elvin Tibideaux), Owens will likely donate the money if it’s sent to him. So! Go ahead, Nicki. The money’s going to a good cause.


Andrea Bocelli has weighed in on the relationship between David Foster and Katharine McPhee. Foster and Bocelli have apparently been friends for some time, but that doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to think it’s strange that the moment Bocelli saw Katharine McPhee of all people, she told Foster she was “the one” for him.

Per People, Bocelli and McPhee were singing together somewhere in Italy when this happened:

[McPhee and Foster’s love] was on full display during Celebrity Fight Night in Italy on Sunday, where McPhee performed “I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You” with Andrea Bocelli and barely took her eyes off of Foster, who accompanied on piano.
“A few years ago I told you she was the one,” Bocelli told Foster just before the duet, to which he responded, “You were right.”

Me: This relationship doesn’t make sense!!!!


“It doesn’t make sense to a lot of people, but it does to us,” McPhee says of their love.


[E! Online]

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