No One Told Justin Timberlake ‘Take Back The Night’ Is Already A Thing


Justin Timberlake’s new track is called “Take Back The Night.” For some reason it is not about violence against women or the Take Back The Night Foundation. In a strange twist, it’s about partying and dancing and sex.

Key lyrics:

Tonight’s the night come on surrender I won’t lead your love astray
Your love’s a weapon give your body some direction that’s my aim
Then we could… (take back the night)
Come on use me up until there’s nothing left (take back the night)
Dizzy spinning sweating you can’t catch your breath (take back the night)
Ooh, don’t know when the sun is rising next (take back the night)
So if the feeling’s right then raise your glass and let’s (take back the night)

Another thing JT doesn’t know: You can Google or ask Siri for sunrise and sunset times. Poor thing. Anyway, bonus points for horns and handclaps. Good track. Fits right in with “Get Lucky” and “Treasure” and all the other retro-soul-disco we’ve been hearing lately. I mean, it’s no “Bring it on in to Omeletteville,” but you can’t have it all. (FYI it might sound like he sings “and the WHORES say,” but I’m pretty sure it’s “and the HORNS say.”)

This is the first single from the upcoming 20/20 Experience sequel, The 20/20 Experience 2: Electric Boogaloo Die Harder, which comes out in September.

[Miss Info]

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