Nobody Wants Martin Shkreli's Gross Money


In wake of the recent allegations made against loathed pharma tycoon Martin Shkreli involving securities fraud and conspiracy, a homelessness charity has decided to return the thousands of dollars Shkreli has donated to them.

Earlier this year, the perpetually greasy Shkreli had given $15,000 to Community Solutions, a New York-based charity. According to the Guardian, the organization decided to give back the entire donation due to Shkreli’s questionable business practices. Shkreli was arrested this week on charges of illegally using stock from one of his companies to pay off unrelated debts. “We serve people who depend on access to AIDS meds every day, and as an organization I don’t think we can keep this money,” Jake Maguire, a spokesperson for the organization said.

Community Solutions aren’t the only ones who want nothing to do with Shkreli’s dirty-ass cash. Students from Hunter College High are asking the school to return Shkreli’s $1 million donation. Since Shkreli actually didn’t graduate from his former educational institution, some classmates believed the donation was a “sly act of one-upmanship,” according to the NY Times. Officials from the school have yet to comment.

After his arrest, Shkreli announced his resignation as CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals. Today, he spoke out about the allegations on his Twitter. “I am confident I will prevail. The allegations against me are baseless and without merit,” the tweet read.

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