North Carolina School District Wants to Ban Selfies


It’s always a relief to know your local school board officials are diligently pursuing everything they can possibly do to make sure your kids have the best education possible. In the case of one North Carolina school, that includes banning selfies, apparently.

According to the News Observer, the school board in Wake County is considering an update to their technology policy that would ban students “from taking pictures or videos with any device unless directed by a teacher.” If you think this sounds downright impossibly stupid, you’re not alone. Even the people behind the new policy are questioning it.

“I don’t think we can say you can’t take pictures with your personal phone,” said Jim Martin, school board member and chairman of the policy. “Kids are taking selfies in the lunchroom all the time.”

“Yeah, I’m going to be walking through the stands of a football game to see who is taking selfies,” said astoundingly observant School board member Kevin Hill. #captainobvious

Some school board members noted that student videos and photos are a pretty helpful tool in determining what happened after something like a school fight. Others, however, don’t like the idea of those images going viral. Because, let’s face it, schools do enough stupid shit on their own that goes viral and would probably like to get a break from some of it.

The Wake County school board is still currently weighing if this is a good idea (yay sanity). They will soon decide if they want to appease all the pearl clutchers who think our damn kids should just get rid of all this new fangled technolowhatsitamabobbers or if this is the dumbest fucking idea ever in school policy. Good luck to them.

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