Now's Your Chance to Own Some of Lauren Bacall's Stuff

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We’ve previously posted photos of Lauren Bacall’s apartment at the Dakota, gloriously stuffed with odds and ends. And now’s your chance to own a few of those classy dust-catchers secondhand, if you’ve got cash burning a hole in your pocket.

The New York Times has more detail on the voluminous contents of Bacall’s home, much of which will be auctioned by the firm Bonhams at the end of the month. Basically, the woman loved (loved, loved, LOVED) stuff:

“Literally every tabletop had things on it,” said Jon King, a vice president and the director of business development at the auction house Bonhams New York, describing the 4,000-square-foot apartment in the Dakota building on 72nd Street in Manhattan that Ms. Bacall bought for tens of thousands of dollars in 1961 and crammed with art and antiques including (and this is but a small sample) Henry Moore and Robert Graham sculptures, David Hockney photographs, Picasso pottery, Chinese bronze figures, Congolese head rests, Louis XV bureaus, Edwardian bamboo, Victorian needlework and Majolica china — notably two nut dishes presided over by nibbling squirrels.

“Her taste was really eclectic,” King added. But the offerings also include jewelry, suitcases, some items of clothing, and even a used sofa. (Sorry but I’m not buying ANY used sofas in New York City, not even Lauren Bacall’s.)

If you’ve already blown your monthly budget on Oprah’s personal auction (and who hasn’t?), you can always check out this month’s exhibit at FIT, dedicated to Bacall’s closet.

Photo via AP Images.

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