NYFW: How Much Do You Hate This Pink-on-Pink Rosie Assoulin Look?


Here is a look from Rosie Assoulin’s Spring 2016 collection, held today in a drained Manhattan swimming pool. It is pink on pink on pink, and so fucking ugly that I absolutely love it in its Chilli from TLC status; my colleague, Ellie Shechet, disagrees. “I literally hate that so much,” she typed at me in the private DM slack where we share all of our hopes and dreams.

Beyond Chilli, it’s also reminiscent of my favorite photograph of BFFs Aaliyah and Kidada Jones, which is to say this look is extremely 1999. As are these—

—the middle image of which the New York Times called “a Marky Mark moment,” big if true, though the right image is more “Dirrty” era Christina Aguilera. What was she saying with these cabana gals, who wore slinky night time dresses made of mosaic tiles from the bottoms of fancy water fountains, and iridescent flute skirts made to look like mermaid tails?

Maybe that you can’t keep these genies tamped down.

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