Obligatory Royal Wedding Post Du Jour!


Brides in Great Britain are worried, very worried! What if their wedding falls on the same day as the wedding between Prince Awesome and Future Princess Shinyhair?!

This is a very important thing, you see, because the day of your wedding is not about publicly declaring your love and lifetime commitment to someone you’re crazy about; it’s now about being a princess, and there’s nothing more threatening to fake princesses than actual princesses getting married all over the place and pointing out how silly pretending to be a princess is.

The date hasn’t been announced, but British brides-to-be who already have their dates are concerned William and Kate may pick theirs, says Majesty magazine Editor Ingrid Seward.
They’re worried,” Seward explained from London to “Early Show on Saturday Morning” co-anchor Chris Wragge, ” … that it’s going to scuttle their wedding plans, and they’re not going to be the princess on that day, it’s going to be Kate, and that all their wedding guests will want to watch the royal wedding and not be concentrating on the wedding they’re at.

There are legitimate concerns on the part of brides-to-be besides not getting enough attention, like the logistical nightmare that a royal wedding would present to guests attempting to access central London, or the lack of availability of caterers for the event, or the difficult task of finding guest accommodations on the day of a high-security, high profile international spectacle. But the biggest worry, according to Seward?

“But I think the main worry is that your guests aren’t going to be concentrating on you.”

Really? First of all, British brides, if your friends care so much more about William and Kate than they do about you, their actual bride-friends, then why the fuck are they your friends? Secondly, how can you tell if your guests’ minds are wandering? Maybe you could hire a psychic wedding bouncer to kick out everyone who dares think about anything besides your glorious countenance on Your Special Day. Whatever you do, make sure you don’t lose focus on making everything all about you, ya’ big Princess.

Brit Brides Fred Over Royal Wedding Date” [CBS]

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