Oh, So There Is a ‘Huge Rift’ Between Bella Hadid and Zayn Malik

This entire situation looks and sounds like a real big mess.

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Oh, So There Is a ‘Huge Rift’ Between Bella Hadid and Zayn Malik
Image:Kate Green (Getty Images)

It sounds like the fallout from the family drama happening with Gigi Hadid, her mother Yolanda, and Zayn Malik is messier than it might’ve seemed.

Briefly, in case this is not news that you have followed closely: On October 28, Yolanda alleged that Zayn “struck” her during an unspecified incident, and Zayn “adamantly” denied those allegations. Malik was eventually charged with four criminal offenses of harassment and was given a total of 360 days’ probation. He also has to complete an anger management class, as well as a domestic violence program. Wonderful. Glad that’s sorted. But it seems like there are some issues with Zayn and the rest of the Hadid children, too.

In what Us Weekly is calling a “family feud,” it sounds like Zayn is no one’s favorite. Both Bella Hadid and her brother Anwar, “hate what he has done to their sister,” according to the anonymous source that provided this information. Though it is besides the point now, Zayn and Gigi have reportedly split, but Zayn will still be a known quantity, as he is the father of Gigi’s child, Khai. Zayn has also been aggressive towards the various security guards that protect the family, according to reports. There is no clear resolution to this situation as it currently stands, but I’m sure we will continue to hear about every minute detail as the rest of this year drags on. [Us Weekly]

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