Old American Girl Dolls Are Selling for Hundreds of Dollars on eBay


Of the five original American Girl dolls that gripped the hearts of millennial youth in the ’80s and ’90s, only two — Addy and Samantha — are still on sale through Pleasant Company. To fill this nostalgia void (and make some big bucks), opportunists have taken to eBay to sell their old American Girl Dolls for hundreds and hundreds of dollars. So basically the same price as a new American Girl doll. (ZING!)

Felicitys, Kirstens and Mollys can be found on the auctioning site with bids starting as high as $800 dollars. (Some prices are closer to $50, so maybe poke around before you jump on the lofty $800 deal.) According to The Daily Mail, one person is trying to sell an original Molly and original Samantha for nearly $1,200. Another is selling Felicity for $599 — and that doesn’t even include her tiny bed heater or candle.

Who would have thought that the Kirsten doll that sits boxed away in my mom’s attic was such a goldmine? Buyer beware, though: Her hair is destroyed and she has a bite mark on her face from that time my dog tried to eat her.

Lastly, a gift from the American Girl archives:

Portrait of a young blogger/Samantha enthusiast, taken on second grade picture day.

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