Oprah Will Run for President If God Tells Her to, but So Far God Has Kept Her Mouth Shut

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If you thought Oprah Winfrey had already given a definitive response to the question of whether or not she’d run for president in 2020…you’d be right. In early February, Winfrey told 60 Minutes holding the office wasn’t in her “spirit” or her “DNA.”

But. somehow, that didn’t prevent people (like the ones at People) from pressing her. In this week’s issue, Winfrey was asked once again about her White House prospects, and she said:

“I went into prayer. ‘God, if you think I’m supposed to run, you gotta tell me, and it has to be so clear that not even I can miss it.’ And I haven’t gotten that.”

Which sort of leaves the door open, doesn’t it? Maybe one day in the spring, Winfrey will enter her vast garden to find that all the kale has been harvested and spread out along the lawn in such a way that it spells out, “YOU’RE RUNNING.”

Although, to be fair, perhaps “God” is her nickname for Gayle. In which case all it would take is a supportive text. In any case, Kathie Lee Gifford thinks this is a great decision.


In an interview with W, actor Lee Pace spoke about his upcoming role in Broadway’s revival of Angels In America, Tony Kushner’s Pulitzer Prize-winning and generation-defining masterwork about the AIDS crisis. At one point, Pace said “he feels it’s important for gay actors to play the gay roles in both plays, but stopped short of labeling himself.”

When asked about his own sexuality—a question I find entirely reasonable in this context, seeing as how he’s starred in not one but two deeply political theatrical productions about gay men (Angels and The Normal Heart)—Pace said:

“I’ve dated men. I’ve dated women. I don’t know why anyone would care. I’m an actor and I play roles. To be honest, I don’t know what to say—I find your question intrusive.”

Nope! It’s intrusive if you’re being interviewed about soups and scones by Eater. Not when you opened the floodgates with a comment about the importance of gay actors playing gay roles in an interview about one of the most important and influential pieces of gay culture in three decades.


Here’s a cursed headline:

[Page Six]

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